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What I Do

Hi, I'm David Morgan and this is what I do.

Web Design

I believe in building websites that look fantastic, function superbly and give the online presence that people truly deserve.

Lets face it in the shallow world of the internet today first impressions count. Most people only stay on a website for 10-30 seconds on their first visit. I aim to impress your customers to keep them on your website for longer giving you a higher chance to turn visits into sales!

I don't use the same old web template for every client. I create innovative websites moulded around your image, professionalism and target demographic. I spend time to understand your business so I can truly exceed your expectations in creating the website you really want and not just make do.

Once your website is complete you are not forgotten, I will continue to keep in touch to make sure you're 100% satisfied and I can also help you out with updates and maintenance if required.

I can cater for a website of any size. From small to large, I'm more than happy to help!


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is probably the most important part of a website. There's no point having a beautiful looking website if no one is ever going to find it. Search Engine Optimisation is the process that's gets your website all over the web and allows it to be found easily via search engines.  

There are many ways to improve SEO on your website and with my years of experience I can help your website rival your competition and help improve your leads and sales. Generally I follow these trusty steps:

  • Website Analysis
  • Client Requirements
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Writing
  • Website Optimisation
  • SEO submission
  • Link Building
  • Reporting


Company logos are one of those things, when you start your business that can take forever to think of. Why not leave it to me? I can conjure up some creative ideas and all you have to do you choose one!

I can help create that innovative, distinctive and of course memorable logo that will make you stand out from your competitors. 

Along with the Logo creation I can assist in helping not only create a logo but create a brand! A good brand helps you stand out from the crowd. There is a good reason why when you're hungry and on the go, you think of the golden arches or the colonel himself. My brand services include:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead design
  • Brochure Design
  • Leaflet Design
  • Advertisement Design

My Portfolio

Below is some of my recent work done for clients.

Client: JC Hair Boutique

Media Required: Website, Mobile Website, Price list (Print Ready PDF) and Poster (Print Ready PDF)

JC Hair Boutique is a new hair salon within Milton Keynes. It is not like any other salon it is what Jo calls it, a hair boutique. It is a warm and welcoming home like space in uniquely designed studio. It was great working with Jo, was a great pleasure to work with a fellow designer (albeit in different fields) but we instantly connected in what we wanted to create online.


Client: Anthony Alexandra

Media Required: Website with Integrated database.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Anthony Alexandra Recruitment. They specialise in the Financial and insurance sectors but they truly are a recruitment agency with a difference. I loved their branding and wonderful ideas. They knew what they wanted but they were also open to new ideas from me. Together I feel we created a easy to use, resourceful and clever website (due the huge database). One key thing their London customers will notice is that the website is the same layout as the store front for the office itself!


Client: Mastermind Academy

Media Required: Website, Social Media setup and Logo optimization (Facebook and Twitter) and email signature design.

Mastermind Academy recently came to me for a new website, they specialise in Motivational Speaking and coaching and are fantastic guys to work with. Their old website had seen better days (over 10 years old!) and needed a massive refresh. We got stuck right in and started putting the plan into action very quickly to try and get the website ready at the same time as their book launch. Together we managed to achieve this and in the end came out with a great looking website. 

Who I am

Who I am. The company and me.

Based in Milton Keynes, I specialize in providing affordable website design with no sacrifice in quality. Being a team of me, myself and I there’s no need to worry about costs of a huge office, lots of equipment or paying the salaries of other employees, so what you get as a customer is:

The same (or better ;-D ) standard of quality that you would from another agency without paying for their fancy 50” screens in the lobby.

  • A personal and direct approach.
  • No chance of “Chinese whispers” breaking down communications.
  • A great attention to detail and a designer that treats every project as his own.
  • A high consistency of quality having one individual working on the project rather than 4-5 individuals adding bits and pieces here and there.

David Morgan

CEO/Web Designer/Marketing Manager/Tea boy

I am an enthusiastic individual who has a deep passion for anything in the digital design world. I love to create websites, graphics and get stuck in to some good ol’ SEO. But after all I am human so I do also enjoy playing games, keeping active and socializing as well. I’ve been making websites for the best part of 10 years. Some small, some big, some personal and some just for the hell of it so I can practice new techniques and be ready just in case a client asks for a similar project.


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